Running Energy States

In my way of working, I see the importance of running specific energy states rather than just fixing problem states. Fixing or relieving a difficult feeling or set of feelings, can leave the person empty and without the forward movement that was expected. Finding the new state or the desired state is the topic of this article.

As you proceed through life, there are times, sometimes very specific or often fleeting, that you feel truly in harmony with the world and yourself. This desired state seems to be outside of your conscious control unless it is attached to a sport, or some other specific action that  can reproduce the energy state. On the other hand, even with a sport, it can be difficult to reproduce that specific time when everything went well.

Picking out a time where all things were harmonized and you felt your full potential can be difficult if you are looking for something that you sustained. It can also be sustainable (like I feel great driving my car) but has not been generalized (I feel as good taking a hike as I do when I drive my car). Because these good energy states are contingent on specifics, they seem to be unusable in other areas of life.

Using your conscious mind to remember these times, notice any energy, color, any smells, sounds, words, or feelings. Breath into the memory as you see it, hear it, and or feel it. When you feel as good as you did when the memory originally happened, associate the memory with a color or a word or music–whatever comes to you as being a strong indicator of that feeling. When you can use that indicator to produce the energy state…that feeling that you really like, then you are in possession of a powerful tool that can be used in your daily life to enhance your personal experiences and be present to others in more uniquely fulfilling ways.

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Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D

Barbara LaRocca