I work with people from all walks of life, from corporate leaders, helping professions, and other coaches. For those who are willing to move forward using their intelligence and perceptiveness, I combine coaching to help you sort out your overall world and metaphysics to look in depth at all, including current conditions, what is hampering your progress, and what resources are needed.

Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D
Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D

Going Beyond The Ordinary To Become Extraordinary

My work is in depth and very transparent. I make complex situations more resolvable and we can create solutions together that are more practical and far reaching. Perhaps you are ready to release perceived negativities about yourself or you are situation. We will develop strategies for you to step into a more powerful way of living. I will help you go to an "ah ha” moment that will open you to having more successful outcomes.

Finding Excellence

Discovering answers and alternatives to resolving multi level issues tailored to your needs and your desired outcomes. Working with endurance, strength, power, and faith tapping into the perfect blueprint of creation.

Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D
Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D


"Working with Barbara has been one of the most centering cornerstones of my life. Not just because she has amazing psychic skills but because she is also extremely down to earth and funny. There’s no spiritual B/S or spiritual bypassing. She won’t have it. She has taught me to value myself and walked me through all of life’s lessons, and after 13 years of working together- there’s been a lot. She is a gift to anyone that has the great pleasure of working with her. I count my lucky stars that I met her 13 years ago, I’ve been working with her ever since and can’t possibly imagine a time or a circumstance I wouldn’t reach out to her."

Fleur Warther

Marketing Consultant.

"Barbara is amazing. She has a way of being present to my deepest difficulties that helps me achieve positive resolution and forward movement."

Iwona Price

Personal Trainer

"She does everything everyone else says they do…except she actually does it."

Jessica Theissen, Ph.D.

Spiritual Healer

“Barbara can take the most esoteric, mystical concepts and directly and clearly connect them to practical everyday living and everyday applications. Her work helped me to have a totally different reality, more conscious, smooth, and much more divinely connected. Also, it helped me to be more able to consciously create my own reality."

Education and Image Consultant
Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D

My Story

Dr. Barbara LaRocca has worked with thousands of people in the area of consciousness, healing, and transformation for over 35 years. She is a certified hypnotherapist, a doctor of clinical psychology as well as an energy healing specialist. She uses NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, energy medicine, Aboriginal healing, and she incorporates shamanism: Hawaiian, Tibetan, and Core Shamanism.

Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D