My Services

Counseling Sessions

  • Life Stress Counseling

  • Decompressing

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Hypnosis

  • Relaxation

For Groups and Individual Sessions

  • Shamanic Work

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Power Animals

  • Removal of Entities or Devices

  • De-creating Problems

  • Uncover True Issues

  • Balance of Energy

  • Using Helpers to accomplish Cleaning

  • Protecting and Obtaining Goals

  • Distant Healing

  • Single or Ongoing Sessions

  • Intensive

Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D

Spiritual Advisor

  • Past Life Readings

  • Soul Contract Reading

  • Soul Mission

  • Clearing

One-on-One Sessions

Individual sessions will be tailored to your needs. Together we will evaluate the overall situation, underlying causes and define the issues that need to be addressed.

In a one-time session, I will scan for all of the above after listening to your goals. Based on your goals and the scan, I will apply the most effective healing configuration and give you resources to continue resolving your issues.

Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D

Resolving Couple Issues

I will work with couples using my listening and intuitive ability to resolve conflicts and heal the relationship.

Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D


I’ve been teaching workshops for over 35 years. I began teaching self-esteem techniques and have more recently been teaching experiential techniques for consciousness, clearing, protection, and deep healing energy work.

A new series of workshops will be announced soon.