What I Do

Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D

Metaphysical  & Practical

Early in life, I realized I have intuitive skills. When I started to do coaching and hypnosis, my clients repeatedly told me that they had not talked about a situation, but I knew all about it. I began to develop and use clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience in a more comprehensive fashion over time. After looking deeply into situations I helped the individual use the information in practical ways. At all times, I encourage the practice of "noticing" and becoming more conscious of our multilayered world.

My Skills

I will look at every aspect of the current situation whether it is practical or metaphysical in nature. I find the hidden components and create a plan for resolution. By calling on all levels of skills and many years of work, I can unlock the situation’s secrets and we can navigate a way through blocks. I also help you to access hidden skills and call on unseen help.
Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D
Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D


I will help you to unravel a conflict or blocks to success. I teach you to discern when a problem has metaphysical components and how to deal with protecting yourself or resolving the issue in the future. I use energy shifting and clearing as well as various shamanic techniques. When I read you and the situation, I get usable information and solutions.

Helping You Exceed Your Goals

To manifest your advanced desires, I am a conduit to help you meet and exceed (limitless levels) your goals. I work at removing blockages, pulling in information, shifting consciousness fields.

Some Common Issues

  • Unexplained Moods

  • Feeling Under Attack by Real or Unseen Forces

  • Overextended Responsibility

  • Compulsion to Work

  • Perfectionism

  • Stress

  • Not Taking Time for Self

  • Relationship Problems

  • Financial Problems