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Would you like to become a superhero of your own life with a suitcase full of pearls that give you more powers the more you use them?

In the class, you will experience your oyster shell identify the sand that represents the problems you face. Your successes over those past problems create precious pearls. These are the pearls that are used to shape future events into successes. As the class unfolds, you are invited to place yourself in an alternative learning mode, open minded rather than logical, liberating your eyes to focus on finding your own method of pearl production! 

The class will introduce you ways to incorporate new skills into your life. I will focus on problematic situations which become successful life stories.  You can use these stories to transform your own problems into pearls. 

Many experiences in your life have the potential to be the right speck of sand that is needed to manifest a pearl. When you remember your success stories and learn how to use their transformational qualities, then you can create a pearl that can be used again and again.

I will provide you a method that you can use to produce better outcomes beyond your wildest expectations.  


Our lives are woven out of stories: our own story, those of our family and ancestors, and the stories we hear about other people and the world. Whatever we hear, if we absorb it correctly, we can use the energy as a scaffold to support a more luminous way to live. 

We are not always selective about those parts of our lives that get reinforced and provide context. Other aspects of our lives automatically become part of us, whether they function in our best interests or not. When we focus on those strong pearls that were created from our luminous experiences, new doors can open in front of us.

I invite you to go deeper into stories with luminous resolutions. These stories can provide strong building materials for success when you look below the surface and learn the story’s secrets. The story’s content becomes usable when we digest its message and you are willing to give the luminous outcome the power to happen again. 

I am not saying that you need to dig deeply into every story to get the repeatable pearl. We need to pick out the stories that have the most impact and meaning. Having images and feelings marked out clearly from stories, means you can use them more efficiently. 

Also, in every story that you remember you should focus on the aspect of your personality that was the main character. The question is: 

1.  Were you experiencing being a strong adult proactive type?

2.    Did you feel small and weak?

3.    Were you in an awkward part of your personality?

4.    Did you portray someone who knows what they are doing or someone who is incompetent?

5.    Did you show yourself to be trustworthy or worthy of assistance?

6.    Were you able to be the person no one antagonizes?

7.    Perhaps you looked crazy or demented or angelic and over sweet?

Use your own stories of success to define a usable positive identity, copy personality traits from an actor, politician, or other person you admire. Allowing yourself to portray the right identity for the situation is a repeatable pearl!

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Barbara LaRocca